Corner of Goldhawk Road and Titmuss Street

This strip of negatives was labeled as “Pan X Tests”

The corner of Goldhawk Road and Titmuss Street in Shepherds Bush.

Goldhawk Road

Goldhawk Road


Interestingly, part of the shop signage is still present to the right of the building.




5 thoughts on “Corner of Goldhawk Road and Titmuss Street”

  1. Dear James, I am an archive researcher and would like to use the photo of man on bike on corner of Goldhawk Road in a TV documentary. How can I get in touch with you to license this image? Many thanks Ernest

  2. My Dad lived at 18 Mardale St from 1918 for many years . It was condemned but not for many years for him to be moved out

  3. Sorry I should have put 24 Mardale St, not 18. He lived in the basement with his Mum and Dad plus rest of family. No hot water and used to go to Lime Grove baths once a week. He said there were bed bugs “Steam Tugs” . Coal was put down a hole in the pavement into the basement. Two other families lived on the floors above so not much privacy. His mum Jane Jupp/Hedges used to buy a rabbit for 1/= then sold the skin back to the rag and bone man.
    My father was Ronald Edwin Hedges. Him and his brother were given a scholarship to go to Latymer School because their father had died and the family was unable to pay for the uniform.He wrote a short account of his memories from the 1920s before he died in 2017. I hope to send this to the school soon. It would be nice to hear other accounts or see more photos

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