Roehampton’s Alton Estate

Out with some friends visiting the newly build Roehampton Alton Estate, the first highrise estate in the country. Heading to the top of things to get a better vantage point for a photo probably drew dad here, in one picture you can see a shot probably taken through binoculars showing Holy Trinty church, Roehampton with Putney just about visible in the background.








Tyre shop fire Kingston-upon-Thames 1962

A fire rages in a tyre store at 65 Cambridge Road, Kingston-upon-Thames as spectators stand close watching.

The location is now part of the Cambridge Estate or at least the road names have been retained during the redevelopement during the 1960s.

January 13th 1962.

This was a dramatic set of images and I know how excited my dad would have been to have got home and developed these.




Fire 4