Church Street Notting Hill Gate

Church Street

120021st April138b

This was clearly Church Street (street sign on left) but after using streetview to travel the entire street to no sign of any matching building I enlarged a shop sign on the right that read 202. This meant it was right on the corner of Notting Hill Gate. This whole area was demolished and re-developed during the 1960’s and it seemed a shame to not have an exact location but then I noticed that as in other photos from the time the Notting Hill Gate Barclays Bank building is noticeable in the background. Only just with another recognisable and still present building adjacent.



3 thoughts on “Church Street Notting Hill Gate”

  1. Hi! Wonderful collection of photos! Your father had a very good eye for a picture. Would you mind if I posted some of his photos on Facebook in a group called I Grew Up in West London? I do not run the group but contribute to it. I would make sure every photo caption included a link to your blog. I will not post any if I do not have your permission. Please would you give it some consideration; more people need to see your father’s work.(Or better still, you could join the group yourself.) Regards, Vin.

    1. Hi Vin, feel free to post and thanks for the links back. Most of my captions are pretty brief, sorry. I am struggling to find time to fix these all up at the moment and get them on line. Shall endeavour to speed up!

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