Beer Truck Crash

Crowds gather to investigate a Toby Ale delivery truck which lies on its side after colliding with a number 88 Routemaster.

Not sure where this is. I have tried to research the route 88 which was slightly longer in the 1950’s heading towards Mitcham (as seen in the destination boards). I followed the rough route in streetview to try and find the church which would be a clear ID, especially with its high sides and small windows.

If anyone has any idea where this was please let me know.

There is another pic of a Toby Ales van on its side somewhere in Hammersmith I will try and locate.

** update **

With a thousand thanks to Stuart Crowle who almost instantly got back to me with the location! It was way off where I was looking.
Stamford Brook Road, W6. Links at the end of the post.
Thanks again Stuart!









Cleaning Graffiti off the Doors

Boys help clean off the remains of swastikas daubed on the doors of a synagogue in Kensington Park Road.

A cutting stuck to the back of a contact print named the road and unfortunate circumstances behind the image while the unique decoration to the building meant it was easy to locate the building as today. The block is now home to a gym call The Library