St. Etheldreda, Fulham

Crowds gather to see the consecration of St. Etheldreda Church on Fulham Palace Road.

18th October 1958

Etheldreda 1

Etheldreda 3

Etheldreda 4

Etheldreda 5

Etheldreda a

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Good Friday CND March 1959

Crowds gather at the Albert Memorial beside the Albert Hall before beginning a long march to the Aldermaston in protest against the Atomic Weapons Establishment.
There were a series of marches from the mid 1950’s to mid 1960’s.







Snowy seagulls by the Thames 1966

A small flock of seagulls rest along the north side of the Thames opposite a fully operational Battersea Power Station.

Image taken looking east along Grosvenor Road toward Chelsea Bridge.

This colour image was from 14th April 1966 when a snowstorm hit the country.

This was taken from a small number of colour transparencies which are spread across the year of 1966.