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Singer Liam Lynch

Chiswick based singer Liam Lynch sits for a press shot Novemeber 1959.  The 22 year old switch maker from 60 Dukes Avenue was managed by Carrol Levis and appeared at a number of shows at the Hammersmith Palais.

Lian Lynch

6.5 Special show at the Hammersmith Gaumont

These were actually scanned from a contact sheet that was included in the box. Obviously here dad was trying out medium format films. The sheet was quite folded and battered which means the image isn’t quite as clean as some others.
The shots are obviously mostly looking toward the excited crowds and only a couple of what is going on up on stage.

Smaller Marty Crowd


marty013 s



New Station Skiffle Group live

There are a few sets of negatives featuring local bands, this is the first I shall put up. I confess my knowledge of the skiffle era is limited to say the least but i’ve done a tiny bit of research and the main mention of this group comes from this site.

The Lonnigans started gigging in early 1990s when Derek Mason (Ronnie Lonnigan) walked into our lives after a tip-off from the BBC who had been doing a programme on skiffle. Apart from being an excellent washboard player, always a fraction ahead of the beat, which gives us our momentum and drives us along, Derek also gives the group skiffle credibility. His association with the New Station skiffle group and their defeat of Adam Faith’s Worried Men on ITV’s ‘6.5 Special’ in the semi finals of the 1957 National Skiffle competition, still carries an immense amount of kudos amongst his peers.

So, these guys were the winners of the 1957 National skiffle competition, beating Adam Faith. As always I’m fond of the crowd shots and this one is no exception. Is one of these lads a soon to be famous musician in their own right?

New Station4

New Station3

New Station2

New Station1

New Station5