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Shepherd’s Bush in the snow

In another rare colour image from the archive, workmen are seen throwing sand to the snow covered carriageway of Richmond Way in Shepherd’s Bush, just a few metres to the south of Shepherd’s Bush Green.

Uncertain of the date but I will guess 1961-1963ish.

Looking south down the street the Duke of Edinburgh pub is to the left hand side. This pub closed a few years ago.



Glenthorpe Road, Hammersmith, W6

I couldn’t find the location of this road joining Glenthorpe Road but the tower of St Paul’s hidden in the background hints at this street now being under the car parks and newly redeveloped Sovereign Court.
I imagine that the pics were taken as the street was about to be demolished to make way for the car park.

If you know more please let me know.

August 26th289Smaller

August 26th287Smaller

Hammersmith before the flyover

Hammersmith seen before the construction of the flyover. The pictures seem to be part of a set showing a new school that was built, a school that is still there today, St Paul’s Primary School.

One image shows St Paul’s church with the Gaumont Theatre (Hammersmith Odeon) in the background, another showing the green that would eventually be filled with the western access to the flyover.

PB 1



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Church Street Notting Hill Gate

Church Street

120021st April138b

This was clearly Church Street (street sign on left) but after using streetview to travel the entire street to no sign of any matching building I enlarged a shop sign on the right that read 202. This meant it was right on the corner of Notting Hill Gate. This whole area was demolished and re-developed during the 1960’s and it seemed a shame to not have an exact location but then I noticed that as in other photos from the time the Notting Hill Gate Barclays Bank building is noticeable in the background. Only just with another recognisable and still present building adjacent.