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Snowy seagulls by the Thames 1966

A small flock of seagulls rest along the north side of the Thames opposite a fully operational Battersea Power Station.

Image taken looking east along Grosvenor Road toward Chelsea Bridge.

This colour image was from 14th April 1966 when a snowstorm hit the country.

This was taken from a small number of colour transparencies which are spread across the year of 1966.



Roehampton’s Alton Estate

Out with some friends visiting the newly build Roehampton Alton Estate, the first highrise estate in the country. Heading to the top of things to get a better vantage point for a photo probably drew dad here, in one picture you can see a shot probably taken through binoculars showing Holy Trinty church, Roehampton with Putney just about visible in the background.