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6.5 Special show at the Hammersmith Gaumont

These were actually scanned from a contact sheet that was included in the box. Obviously here dad was trying out medium format films. The sheet was quite folded and battered which means the image isn’t quite as clean as some others.
The shots are obviously mostly looking toward the excited crowds and only a couple of what is going on up on stage.

Smaller Marty Crowd


marty013 s



‘Attila’ Movie Premiere Bayswater

Stars walk the red carpet at the premiere of the film Attila.

The screening was at Queens cinema in Bayswater, since developed into a new set of flats and retail outlets (see last image)

I cannot identify any of the people in the pictures, anyone able to help out?

The movie was released in the US many years before these pictures were taken.










Cal McCord in the Gaumont Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush

cal McCord Gaumont Sheperds Bush

Cal McCord sits atop Ladybird in the foyer of the Gaumont Theatre in Shepherd’s Bush. This theatre was damaged during the war by a flying bomb, more infomation here.

The picture was shot with the doors behind the children, the trees of Shepherd’s Bush Common visible.

According to here Cal was an American ex-serviceman who remained in the UK becoming a cowboy actor and entertainer.

There is imdb entry which shows he did have roles through till the early 1972’s.  There is also an interesting clip via the Pathe News archives of his stage act a decade earlier.

Actress ‘Sabrina’ rests during a photo call

The actress and model Sabrina takes a moment to rest during a promotional visit to Whiteleys department store.

Celebrity visits to Whiteleys appear to have been common and there are a number of other famous faces of the time appearing in the negatives.  There are also a number of more corporate shots of what I am assuming are the managers of the store.

Reporters can be seen in the mirror behind Norma Ann Sykes (Sabrina).