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Fulham Variety Show

Some audience participation at the annual Children’s Variety Show in Fulham Town Hall.

Variety Show Fulham Town Hall

Variety Show Fulham Town Hall

Baden-Powell House Foundation Laying

17th October 1959

Celebrations mark the laying of the foundation stone of Baden-Powell House by the World Chief Guide, Olave Baden-Powell (widow of Lord Baden-Powell).

The building was opened by the Queen two years later in 1961 and is still in use and owned by the Scouts Association.




Beer Truck Crash

Crowds gather to investigate a Toby Ale delivery truck which lies on its side after colliding with a number 88 Routemaster.

Not sure where this is. I have tried to research the route 88 which was slightly longer in the 1950’s heading towards Mitcham (as seen in the destination boards). I followed the rough route in streetview to try and find the church which would be a clear ID, especially with its high sides and small windows.

If anyone has any idea where this was please let me know.

There is another pic of a Toby Ales van on its side somewhere in Hammersmith I will try and locate.

** update **

With a thousand thanks to Stuart Crowle who almost instantly got back to me with the location! It was way off where I was looking.
Stamford Brook Road, W6. Links at the end of the post.
Thanks again Stuart!