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Baden-Powell House Foundation Laying

17th October 1959

Celebrations mark the laying of the foundation stone of Baden-Powell House by the World Chief Guide, Olave Baden-Powell (widow of Lord Baden-Powell).

The building was opened by the Queen two years later in 1961 and is still in use and owned by the Scouts Association.




Church Street Notting Hill Gate

Church Street

120021st April138b

This was clearly Church Street (street sign on left) but after using streetview to travel the entire street to no sign of any matching building I enlarged a shop sign on the right that read 202. This meant it was right on the corner of Notting Hill Gate. This whole area was demolished and re-developed during the 1960’s and it seemed a shame to not have an exact location but then I noticed that as in other photos from the time the Notting Hill Gate Barclays Bank building is noticeable in the background. Only just with another recognisable and still present building adjacent.



Roehampton’s Alton Estate

Out with some friends visiting the newly build Roehampton Alton Estate, the first highrise estate in the country. Heading to the top of things to get a better vantage point for a photo probably drew dad here, in one picture you can see a shot probably taken through binoculars showing Holy Trinty church, Roehampton with Putney just about visible in the background.








Holland Park House rebuilding

Uncertain as to the nature of the work but I am assuming it relates to post-war reconstruction. The Wiki page states:

“The house was largely destroyed by German firebombing during the Blitz in 1940; today only the east wing and some ruins of the ground floor still remain.”

It seams reasonable to assume this construction a decade or so later was part of the process to ensure the buildings standing.

Holland House 4

Holland House 3

Holland House 2

Holland House 1